Las Palmas

Hola amigos,

I received some sad news last week that my grandpa in the Philippines, my Lolo, passed away. I am grateful that I was able to meet him once during my trip to the Philippines when I was ten and that he is no longer suffering, but a part of me is very sad that I wasn’t able to really know him. My prayers and thoughts are with him, Lola, my mom, and the rest of the family.

The long distances between family is the difficult part about being a mixed race baby with family in Asia, Europe, and both coasts of the U.S. Growing up I always envied my friends who would walk to grandma and grandpa’s house after school or have them at all their sports games and school events. That quality family gathering time just seems so dreamy to me. What is more precious in life than that? I hope one day if I have children, God willing, that they can grow up with their grandparents close by—to be there for all the milestones and transitions life will bring.

While there has been death, there has also been birth too, such is the dance of life… Earlier this week Encarna’s daughter Eva gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Lucía. The excitement and pure joy coming from Encarna is radiant and overflowing and it is a pleasure to witness.

Last weekend, I took a little girls trip to the Canary Islands with Renee and Jo. Two nights in paradise at this adorable hostel called The Little Surf House. If you visit Las Palmas, I definitely recommend staying here. The owner is very friendly, its cheap and clean, and its only a few minutes walking from the ocean 🙂

Our main attraction for the weekend was the beach so we spent our days soaking up the tropical sunshine on the beach—toes in the sand, breathing in the glorious scent of the sea, taking pictures, admiring our surroundings, swimming, picnicking, and reapplying our sunscreen. The ocean was a gorgeous turquoise blue, so clear and refreshing. One of my favorite things we did together was hanging out on the rooftop terrace at night under the twinkling lights, just playing cards, chatting about life, and sipping tea. That is the sweet life. 



What if I let my worries and impatience and angst about the future go? What if instead, I got excited about the mystery? What if the unknown people, adventures, opportunities, and experiences around the corner made me feel a glow? A glow of joy, gratitude, and faith. How different would my daily experiences be? How much more free and light and relaxed and at peace I would feel if I just surrendered these details and trusted that what is meant for me, will happen in my life. Maybe these “hardships” were meant to make me the woman I am supposed to be? What if these are tests on my path to make me stronger? What if my heart being broken again and again was meant to break me wide open so that I can live with an open heart and an open mind? What if this was all part of a divine plan? What if this is all On Purpose?

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