The Home Stretch

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Hola amigos,

My adventure in Madrid is soon coming to an end and I’ve had a mix of emotions about it. I feel grateful that I took this chance and was able to meet amazing people, travel, and create wonderful memories. It has been the most memorable, challenging, and insightful year of my life thus far. However, I feel so ready to fly back home for the summer and recharge my batteries. The countdown until July 3rd has begun. 

The truth is that I am really homesick and I miss my loved ones. It’s a constant void that I’ve had to live with since leaving last August and some moments the sadness and feelings of isolation is overwhelming. On one end, I have treasured the full throttle freedom, spontaneity, and newness of living abroad but the flip side of things is that it can also be an extremely lonely and isolating experience. Learning to enjoy the solitude of your own company and connect with strangers is a vital skill to cultivate, but there is nothing like having a community of people who knows you, loves you, and whom you can confide in and lean on after a tough day. 

My mindset now is to savor this last month I have living in Europe because I’m not sure if I’ll be returning after the summer. I am still waiting on my Placement location from the Spanish Ministry regarding my renewal application, but I chose not to renew in Madrid because my heart was calling me back to the beach 🙂 We shall see what happens in time and ultimately I am looking for an opportunity that aligns with my personal values and purpose in life. Where I will be and what I’ll be doing…is a mystery for now. 

One thing that I have challenged myself to do recently is to write down the things that I am grateful for each day in my journal because I really want to actively practice strengthening an attitude of gratitude. I think that gratitude plays a key role in connecting us to the present moment, opening us up to joy, and guiding us to inner peace. As I reflect more about my life, I realize that gratitude is the gateway to miracles, joy, peace, and abundance. It is the bridge to Love and a beautiful, wholehearted life. It is one of my anchors that keeps me grounded and aligned with myself and my purpose. It is not about trying to change anything, but more on accepting that who we are and what we have in this moment is enough. More than enough. 



“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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