I feel whole now. I am no longer at war within myself. I feel like I have shed my layers, and continue to shed the skin that I no longer need—the parts of myself that are of the past, the baggage conveniently stored away because I thought it was easier that way. I have committed myself to charting a new course: a path of joy, peace, love, honesty, authenticity, courage, balance, and faith. I am done hiding behind my perfectionism, behind my social anxiety, behind my disciplined nature, behind all my fears, behind all the chains that have kept me bound. My restless soul and wild heart has been set free. I feel liberated and empowered and at home in this palace of peace that I’ve built within myself.

I’ve realized that all the answers were inside me all along. I was the one who held the knife over my head, but I’m also the one who holds the key to freedom and salvation. There is nothing like it. Being free means leaving the past behind and honoring the lessons we’ve learned. Being free means having faith in the Divine unfoldment of the future and trusting that we will be taken care of as long as we stay true to ourselves. Being free is wholeheartedly anchoring/grounding ourselves in the present moment and choosing to rise up with the spirit of Love, show up, and open ourselves up to the miracles and abundance available to us in the Now. Being free is choosing forgiveness. Forgiveness of ourselves and others. Being free is choosing to stand firm in love when the world is telling you to give in to fear. Being free is realizing that this journey we call life isn’t about ourselves, it’s about all of us, creating a world in which all our brothers and sisters on this planet can be loved and supported. Being free is being of service and recognizing that we all have a unique part to play. Being free is surrendering it all and embracing the dance of life. 

My hope is that we all create a palace of peace within ourselves and support one another as we experience the richness of life. Amen.



One thought on “Shedding

  1. Angela Zuidema

    Hola Manders, I am comforted by your words, “I am Whole now.” Claiming your inheritance of Life, Love, Peace, Joy, Power and an abundance of all Good is everything necessary to the fullness of Perfect Life now. And so it is. Lovingly yours always, mommy


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