Esperanza y La Sagrada


Hola amigos,

I am finally returning to work tomorrow after taking all of last week off to rest and recover. 2 words, esperanza and sagrada, have been on my mind lately…

“Sagrada” = SACRED and “Esperanza” = HOPE. What is hope? I have never appreciated hope more in my life than I do now in this moment. We cannot live without it. Hope is what inspires us to keep going in the face of all the rumbling and tumbling of life. It is that nudge and beacon of light that draws us forward: to march onwards and upwards. Even a small glimmer of hope can be our salvation, our saving grace in a time of utter darkness.

This is why kindness should not be underestimated. A simple smile, giving someone a helping hand, sending a love letter, comforting someone in their time of need…These are all powerful ways that we can serve humanity and help our brothers and sisters rise up from the ground. Be that beacon of light for someone today. And if you are the one on the ground, have the courage to ask for help and you will witness the light pour into you once again.

Creating the Sacred Space- I remember doing my interviews for my Senior project in college for Sociology and discovering how important it was to build rapport with my interviewees and create a space with them that was open, safe, and sacred. I found that creating this sacred space with them from the get-go was the key to having more in-depth conversations about my chosen topic of social media and its effects on their body image. It was after this trust and openness was created, you could call it a special bond even, that they could be vulnerable with me. And this is when the magic would happen.

They would reveal to me stories that they had never told anyone else in their lifetime or have revelations about themselves because they had never had the opportunity to explore these deep topics. I can’t tell you how beautiful of a process it was to create that sacred space with them and just have an honest heart-to-heart conversation with them about anything and everything related to the topic of body image. It was magical to see how raw and deep we could go once we developed that bond.

Since then, I’ve been inspired to take this approach outside the classroom and apply it to my personal life and all my relationships with people. Right now, as I am dating, I have noticed that creating this sacred space with your date, is the key to healthy and fun dating. All of us want to feel loved, heard, seen, safe, and valued in the presence of another person. We all innately know the difference between a person who makes us feel safe and loved and a person who makes us feel NOT these things.

Its all in the energy we experience with another person. And this is why it is SO important to realize what type of energy we ourselves are giving off to other people. Without this self-awareness, it can be reckless to go around in our relationships because we’re not taking responsibility and honoring the sacredness of the heart space between two people. This simple shift in energy awareness and projection has the power to change and uplift EVERY area of your life. Are you ready for it? So, I ask you…what type of energy are you giving off as you go about your day?



Liking someone is a lot like jumping off a cliff…you are high on adrenaline, and you are falling, sometimes falling so fast that you don’t know what to do about it…into the abyss, into the unknown, transported to an alternate universe where you don’t know how long you’ll get to stay…so much excitement, so much mystery, so many possibilities…you don’t know what the end will look like or if there will even be an end…you don’t know if your feelings will be reciprocated, but you won’t know anything until you try…until you let go and surrender to the sacred dance of two people coming together as one


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