Plugging In

img_20190103_170847-1Hola amigos,

The concept of “unplugging” from social media and other facets of our lives is often talked about in the wellness and spiritual community. And while “unplugging” regularly is good for us to recharge our batteries, it is equally important that we choose to “plug in” and CONNECT to life. I sometimes catch myself just going through the motions, on auto-pilot, but then I tell myself Wait, this is it! Life is happening right now and I’m missing out because I’m in my head thinking about something else. I think that a lot of us feel this constant pressure to “get somewhere”, to get moving to the next thing in life. When do we ever just STOP and appreciate what we have in front of us? The coolest feeling I’ve experienced is realizing that life is perfect exactly where I’m at in this moment. Right here, right now. Connecting with the people around me, the sights, the smells, everything! Savoring every sensation and embracing it ALL.

One of my Sociology professors in college, Tony Vigorito, told us this quote that has always stuck with me…

“Attention is the currency in which reality is constructed”.

It’s a seemingly simple concept, where you focus your energy will create your reality, but I’ve found this concept to be extremely valuable and powerful in guiding me to create the life I want. How do we channel our attention and energy in a way that supports our values and desires in life? Where are you placing your attention?



“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

― Lao Tzu

3 thoughts on “Plugging In

  1. Angela Zuidema

    Hola Amanda, So true in life, only in the present moment, the “here and now” moment matters! To take time to put into our consciousness, to live in the moment the beauty, sights and sounds of life will make us ready to be an inspired person. Lovingly yours always, mommy

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