Little Nudges

Hola amigos,

How do we know how to make decisions? How do we choose the so-called “right” way for ourselves and pave a path for ourselves that will bring us peace, joy, and prosperity? In my experiences thus far, honestly you can never truly know how something will pan out until you experience it and just wholeheartedly GO for an opportunity. Trust your intuition and honor what is on your heart. You can do all the research, make a pros and cons list, talk to other people, but sometimes the best way to go is to just JUMP. Dive in head first and see what happens. This topic has been on my mind because it’s the time of year at my school to start the process of renewal for the next school year. If you had asked me in November if I would consider doing another year of being an auxiliar in Madrid, I would have confidently said “Heck no!” but now I don’t know… As time goes by, I become more comfortable and happy here. I love where I’m at in life, but I also miss my family and friends back home. Only time will tell I guess. Nothing in this life is permanent and I feel very inspired at the moment to seize the day, to go all in, to trust my gut, and to live it up to the fullest.

This was my first week back at work from the Christmas holidays. I have been working with the “Chosen 10” students for Global Classrooms and prepping them for the official conference on January 23rd. Its been a lot of work up until this point, but I am so proud of my students. I hear them practicing their speeches, debating ideas, and coming up with resolutions for issues about juvenile crime and violence and I am amazed. They are practicing their English and discussing relevant global issues! I can’t wait to see them strut their stuff at the conference:)

I also got to explore Casa de Campo with Renee this Saturday, which is a gorgeous and ginormous park in the city, a great place to walk, bike, have a picnic, and be in nature. 

Sending you lots of love from Madrid!






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