Make it Yours

Hola amigos,

Something that I have had to adjust to in post grad life is deciding how I want to spend my time. This probably sounds ridiculous to you, but until I graduated this May my life revolved around school and tennis and I didn’t have the time to explore other passions. I followed a strict routine and didn’t have much say in my schedule. While the freedom has been refreshing, it has also felt overwhelming at times. The training wheels have officially come off and it’s like I’m living for the first time. What am I passionate about? What is my purpose in life? How do I want to spend my time? Where? And with whom? As difficult as it is to be away from home, I am grateful for the opportunity to contemplate these questions and explore who I want to be and how I want to live my life. 

Recently I have fallen in love with the mantra “Make it Yours”. I love this saying because I have come to realize that a lot of my unhappiness stems from comparing myself and my life experiences to other people. Sometimes I feel like I have to do x,y, and z like so and so did to really “live my life to the fullest”. But this is FAR from the truth. It’s so tempting to want to copy what other people are doing in life, who seemingly have it all together, so that you can be happy and fulfilled too. Everyone is on their own path and what makes me happy is probably different from what will make you happy, but that is okay! 2+2=4, but 1+3=4 too. For example, sometimes I find myself fighting with the cultural norms in Spain. Nightlife is a huge aspect of Spanish culture, especially in Madrid, but I don’t really fancy partying and drinking until the wee hours of the morning. My ideal evening consists of a nice dinner with friends, a stroll outside, maybe a movie or curling up to a good book, and in bed by 11pm. I realize that as a twenty-two year old this is odd but what can I say, I am an old soul with grandma-like tendencies. 

Furthermore, I think it’s so important that we respect that we’re all different and that we will all travel on different journeys in life. Celebrating our differences and what makes us unique goes against the norm in American culture, so I think that’s why many people, myself included, struggle with accepting themselves. However, when we choose to accept ourselves, we set an example and give other people permission to accept themselves too. My wish is that we all realize how awesome and exquisite we truly are and wholeheartedly embrace what makes us unique! Carpe diem and Make it Yours:)

Thank you for reading my blog and please feel free to ask me questions about anything, make requests, or comment on stuff. Your presence and feedback is much appreciated! 



P.S. Here is some freestyle writing that I wrote this week.

I want to fly free.

I want to go beyond.

High above the clouds.

High above these petty worries of mine.

Beyond the fear that has become the norm.

Beyond all the details and what ifs.

To a place of love, light, and peace.

To a place I can call home.

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