Juan Gris

Hola amigos,


How often do we wish we were doing something else?

I am guilty of doing this. Of mentally exiting where I am and dreaming about being somewhere else, doing something else, etc. I have been resisting my current reality in Móstoles and fantasizing about how my life would be better if this or that happened. Or how I would be happier if I were back home with my family. It’s such a trap to think that another circumstance or reality will make us happier than where we are right now in life. When we think that way, we fail to recognize the gifts and lessons we need to learn from our current reality. I’m not saying that it’s bad have dreams or envision yourself with the life you want. But rather to not neglect the opportunities available to us in the present moment. Maybe you don’t like where you are right now and it’s okay for you to want to change your circumstances. But I encourage you to look at your situation with a fresh pair of eyes. Can you learn something from this situation? Is this situation teaching you how to be more patient, or assertive, or loving, or forgiving, or whatever it may be for you? If we look closely, there is always something valuable that we can take away from any situation. It’s a matter of deciding how we want to experience life. I can choose to complain about how things are OR I could be grateful and excited for the opportunity to become a better version of myself.

So here’s to surrendering and embracing what’s in front of us…May we all see the beauty that lies in the present moment!

In other news, I have completed my first week teaching at Juan Gris! I was so nervous to start working here, but I absolutely love it so far and it has helped me feel more grounded in Móstoles and Spain in general. I feel like I have a sense of purpose now. I teach three different classes: English, Global Classrooms, and P.E. All the teachers I work with have been wonderful too and I have a mix of classes with kids of 12, 14, and 16-18 years old. I will say that Spanish kids are more rambunctious, noisy, and less disciplined than American kids. I love them nonetheless, but it’s so fascinating to see the differences in Spanish culture. There is definitely not as many shy kids in Spain because most of them are comfortable being loud and expressive. The older kids can speak pretty good English, but the younger ones try to speak Spanish with me because only a sprinkle of them know English. They’re very interested in American culture and asked me tons of questions about the U.S., my hometown, and what life is like there.

My parents also came to visit me this week in Madrid and it made me so happy! We walked around the city, ate delicious food, went to museums, Retiro Park, and did a day trip to San Lorenzo where they had the most beautiful monastery.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Spain!



P.S. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for being my parents. The older I get, the more I realize how lucky I am to be your daughter.

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